Head-to-Toe Useful Anatomy taught by a working figurative artist

Engaging demonstration videos, comprehensive downloadable notes and extensive reference photographs.

  • Over 3 hours of video-based lessons

    A complete course in useful anatomy covering skeletal structure and muscle masses. Practical knowledge for figurative artists whether sculpting, painting, drawing or digital.

  • Downloadable material

    Downloadable notes, including diagrams. Printable summaries of each video for you to refer to in the studio.

  • Reference photographs

    An extensive set of reference photographs for you to study and use when you don’t have access to a life model. Both full length nudes and specific areas of the body.

Achieving realism in figurative art requires a working knowledge of anatomy.

Amelia Rowcroft shares the knowledge of anatomy she uses every day as a professional figurative artist. You will gain a sound understanding of the bones and muscles that impact the surface of the body. Each lesson focuses on a different part of the body shown clearly on diagrams, on the skeleton and on one of two life models Manko (Female) and Claudio (Male). Please note this course contains full nudity. It is suitable for all figurative artists - sculpting, painting, drawing or digital.

  • You will begin by gaining an understanding of the skeletal structure, referencing our female life model Manko.

  • The second half of the course focusses on the muscles of the body, referencing our male life model Claudio

  • Each lesson includes a tutorial video, a diagram animation, notes and reference photographs.

  • The course focuses on what is genuinely useful to know as a figurative artist: the bones and muscles that impact the surface of the body.

  • Includes video and reference materials containing full nudity of professional male and female life models

  • Full access to the course only £199.99!